10 best yoga ideas for mom and toddler

10 Best Yoga Ideas for mom and toddler


Thinking that yoga is only for adults is a big mistake. Experts say that yoga for children is just as beneficial as yoga for adults. So today I want to show you 10 best yoga ideas for mom and toddler. You and your toddler can do them together to get stronger and healthier.

If you have an active baby, yoga would be the best solution for both of you. It may seem difficult, but we need this app to stay awake. Also, most children fall asleep easily after yoga.

  1. Welcome Mode – Namaste

Try to start and end your yoga experience in the same yoga pose for kids. Children like contact and communication. They also help create a safe and comfortable environment. You can always add to your ritual, such as placing something meaningful on your yoga mat (toys, yoga equipment, blankets, books) and a special hug.

Play your favourite music and/or use your favourite essential oil or candle. Try these ideas to jumpstart your yoga experience.

  1. Breathing exercises

Breathing is important for both mother and baby. We can teach children to breathe healthy from an early age. Be creative and have fun.

Encourage your child to inhale and exhale magic flowers or aromatic foods by blowing handkerchiefs, blowing cotton balls on the floor, or blowing out candles. You can sit cross-legged with your hands facing each other on each other’s stomach, or your baby can sit on your lap and feel your breathing.

Fill your stomach like a balloon. Give space. Take a deep breath. The ball is then deflated. You can also try using your toes; inhale, fly your fingers up and exhale to the ground.

  1. Balance of forms – Let’s grow in trees

Get up and grab your little yoga buddy. You can place the baby on your hip or on the mother’s large lap in the middle. Then put your weight on your left foot, bend your right knee and place your right foot on the inside of your left thigh or stomach (not on your knee).

Imagine that you are a strong tree whose branches move with the wind. Children can pretend to be a bird or a squirrel. create a story. don’t forget the other side

  1. Bow pose

The perfect way to make mom’s spine strong and beautiful so that baby can enjoy riding on her back. Extra connection – extra love.

Lie on your stomach, bend your knees and grab the outside of your feet with your hands. Little yogis are welcome to sit on the boat. Begin to breathe safely and return from one side to the other. Now create a story about a pirate or brave Moana. You can also play Moana songs.

  1. Forward bending time

This is the best counter since Moana Adventures.

Stand up, stretch your arms in the air and try to slowly lean forward. Hold the baby in place.

This allows you to stretch your extra body weight deeper. (Bend knees as desired) Your child can play monkeys in the tree.

  1. Push-ups or push-up dogs

Trust me, the favourite yoga pose for babies and even toddlers is dog pose. You may have seen how easy it is to practice this position for our children. This is a great warm-up pose and has many benefits for our body.

Find downward-facing dog and see if your baby wants to mimic that position or if he wants to put his head in your hands. However, make sure to keep your heart busy and keep breathing.

  1. Cat and cow form

These poses help to stretch the spine and also help reduce lower back pain. Everything moms need. To face each other, start on your hands and knees, placing your baby on the mat below, otherwise your baby may mimic your movements.

The hips should be higher than the knees, and the shoulders should be higher than the wrists. Inhale, lift tailbone, “Mo!” forward and upward. (Cow position). Then exhale, roll your tailbone down, turn around, look at your baby and say, “Meow!” Say. (cat mode). Repeat and enjoy. make silly faces, make silly moves

  1. Chairs pose with additional weight positions

You can stand with your feet together, touching your big toes, or hip-width apart. (try whatever is most comfortable for you and your child)

Bribe your child to stay in front of you when you bend your knees. Then lower your hips and lean back into the seat. Now have the child stand on the socks with each foot on one leg. enjoy a few deep breaths

  1. Goddess mum

This pose strengthens core muscles and improves blood circulation. While holding the baby, spread your legs apart. Then exhale and bend your knees, lowering your hips to knee height. Try to keep your knees directly over your ankles. Hold your baby in this position. Then pull in and spread the legs and place the child on the floor. Kids love to fly, and you have extra weights to challenge your workout


  1. Rest time

The favourite position for most babies is to lie on mommy’s chest and listen to her heartbeat in a big, long hug. Find your Savasana, put on your favourite song and sing along.

Don’t forget to thank each other for this beautiful experience.


After all, these exercises are just the beginning. They are here for you so try to find the best. I know your little one will love it and want to practice again (plus you’ll see how easy it is to get them to sleep later). So be creative, have fun together, balance baby engagement and make sure mom is exercising too.

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