Workon 1

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Recognize how much of your life is made up of your own self-limiting beliefs, and then, manage those beliefs. Every story you tell yourself about yourself is true, even if it’s not. Depending on the stories, a life can be lived in either joyful abundance or tragic struggle. You’ve got to take a hard look at your thought patterns — what you’ve always told yourself you can and can’t do, who you tell yourself you are and are not, what you tell yourself is and is not meant for you. These beliefs are assumptions that you’re treating as facts.

So, let go of all the “shoulds” — the way you think you should be, the way you think others should be, the way you think you should be for others, the way you think others should have been for you. Lose the heroism and the victimhood in your stories — you’re not here to be less than or better than. You’re here to be You, and with that comes a set of delusions and misplaced expectations you’ve acquired over the course of your life. And you, as an adult, have the responsibility to unlearn these stories and choose ones that serve your highest potential. There’s nothing you can control about life other than the way you decide to show up for it. Your thoughts, your actions, and that’s it.

Remember that clarity is a choice. We all get stuck sometimes. It can be for months or for years. For some of us, our life can feel like a constant uphill battle that doesn’t go anywhere new. But, there’s a reason it doesn’t go anywhere new: Because the world will keep giving you the same lessons until you learn them.